Gender and Election Watch (GEW)

The Gender and Election Watch (GEW) is an initiative of Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF)’s supported in Osun , Imo  States and the Federal Capital City (FCT) by the European Union Support for Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN), aimed at observing and analyzing the participation of women compared to men in elections through election observation from a gender perspective.

GEW is also a response to inadequate women focused election observation report and analysis for the female gender. It is similarly an assessment of how all elements of an election process affect women in general and similarly serve as a research spectrum for other program interventions to bridge this gap and provide a comprehensive focus on how women engage with the electoral process as electorates and candidates on election days.

Objectives of Gender and Election Watch

  1. To support the enhancement of the integrity of electoral processes
  2. To provide accurate, impartial information and analysis on gender issues in relation to Nigeria Elections
  3. To support and strengthen local networks of elections observation bodies in organizing information gathering and data exchanging activities during elections
  4. To publish a gender analysis report which underlines the outcome of the observation together with recommendations to further strengthen the electoral process.

Gender and Election Watch (GEW) is led by the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund, which is also a network member of the Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room and will work with the enlarged Civil Society movement to observe elections and provide real-time election observation feedback and Gender Analysis.

GEW Hotlines: +234-9062782771, 9062782772, 9062782773, 9062782774, 9062782775

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