The Women’s Fund has designed eligibility criteria which it intends to launch in 2013 in order to kick off its programmes for the 2015 general election. The Eligibility Criteria serves two purposes: to set a standard for evaluating applications for financial and other support from the Women’s Fund thereby creating an objective and transparent process for disbursement and to provide a guide to female candidates about the type of election campaign they should run.

The Women’s Fund sees enormous benefits for various stakeholders with the launching of this document. Some of the direct objectives of the eligibility criteria include:

  1. Setting a standard by which women can run strategic campaigns and transparently access funds and other resources
  2. Encouraging more credible women – professionals with experience in the private, public and civil society sectors – to participate in politics and elections by providing them with a sense of possibilities for technical and financial support
  3. Start changing the public’s general perception about the possibilities of using elections to improve governance i.e., by providing candidates (both male or female) with alternative funding we will gradually reduce the influence of godfathers in Nigerian politics and start getting Nigerians invested in holding elected officials accountable