Statement on Election and Violence Against Female Candidates.

February 20 2019

The Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF) Gender and Election Watch (GEW) Room, since the rescheduling of the 16 February 2019 elections to 23 February 2019, has noticed with concern the increase in hate speeches amongst political actors, violence and intimidation to some female candidates.

The Gender and Election Watch (GEW) therefore urges all actors to refrain from undemocratic and unpatriotic actions, words and speeches that are detrimental to the 2019 General Elections and Nigeria’s democratic sustainability.

It strongly condemns all acts of intimidation and violence against female candidates in the Saturday 23 February 2019 elections and calls on the security agencies to be at alert and maintain law and order.

The Gender and Election Watch (GEW) further urges all Nigerian voters to have trust in the electoral system and turn out on election day 23 February 2019 to cast their votes.

GEW Hotlines: 234-9062782773, 9062782774, 9062782779


Mufuliat Fijabi

Chief Executive Officer

For Gender and Election Watch (GEW) Room

of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF).