Only about 6% of the 35% affirmative action has been implemented, this indicates that we need more women in parliament come 2019. Unarguably, women should be involved in making decisions which affect other women and the nation. This should be a prerogative of every sector, government or non-profit and for women this should be an exigency. Inadvertently, every aspect of the woman’s life is affected by poor governance, it is therefore important for women to be part of the government.

In our discussion with male political leaders, we discovered that most women begin campaigns late. They do not begin interaction with gate keepers and community leaders until few months to elections. 2019 is closer than we think; early preparation is key to a successful election; female aspirants have to begin preparation now.

One important thing to do now is to engage the media – electronic, print and online. The media has proven to be a successful tool for election, especially social media, as was saw in the 2015 election. Women need to increase their visibility in the media.

The few women in government and decision-making positions should see the need to increase women’s representation in government as a priority. It is imperative that women come together and support each other in the upcoming election. Building a strong coalition that makes demands within political parties and lobby high profile male political leaders is one important strategy.