Position Information :

Post Level: National Consultant

Position: (2) 1 lead consultant and 1 support consultant

Starting Date: October 2019

Languages Required: English 

Department: NWTF Programmes

Reports to CEO, NWTF

Location:    Abuja, Nigeria

Duration of Contract: 10 days

Application closes on 15 October 2019.  Please send all applications to info@womenfund.org

II. Organizational Context:  

The Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF) is a non-profit organization focused on closing the gender gaps at all levels of governance.  Since 2011, NWTF has been working to improve women’s leadership and political participation through four (4) thematic areas; Grant Making and Fundraising, Gender Advocacy, Leadership development and Research & Information. Our strength has been consistently women’s political participation and closing the gender gaps.

Towards the advancement of the women’s inclusion, NWTF seeks to support women at the national and state levels and across communities in Nigeria to empower them to rise above all barriers and be able to demand human rights, participate fully in governance and strengthen Nigeria’s democratic process. In rising above these barriers which include violence against women, cultural and religious interpretations on the place of women in the society, gender inequality,  gender based discrimination and political violence, lack of access to resources and lack of necessary legal framework, NWTF uses approaches like  capacity  and leadership development, information gathering and dissemination, resource mobilization, research and documentation, inter-generational dialogue and mentorship,  media and communications strategy, sensitization and accountability strategy, stakeholders’ engagement and engagement with male gender champions. 

Program Areas:

NWTF targets young women (18-35yrs) and develops their leadership skills in preparation for futuristic political and leadership ambition.  The organisation engages in a multi-media advocacy project that addresses socio-cultural barriers to women’s leadership and political participation.  So far, we have mobilized an online movement and pool of voters for women across Nigeria including a growing Young Women Leadership and Political Development Project.  Some of the projects run by the organisation include: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG) supported by Ford Foundation, West Africa, #OurVoteCountsNG supported by EU – SDGN and the Gender and Accountability in partnership with Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternatives and supported by MacArthur Foundation. Creating Spaces Project Supported by the African Women’s Development Fund and the Women in Governance Project in the Niger Delta supported by Open Society Initiative for West Africa, (OSIWA).

III.   Purpose, Objectives and Outcome:

The increase in the occurrence of violence against women in Nigeria amongst other factors is not unconnected to the absence of leadership and the voice of young women. One of the reasons for this has been that despite their population advantage and developmental contributions, young women lack cohesiveness in their ranks to mobilize and network for as forerunners in demanding women and girls’ rights.

Knowing that VAWG are sustained by gender norms that embody gender inequality and unequal power relations, Nigerian women and girls are consistently exposed to violence and the trend and intensity of the violence is alarming. At least one in every three Nigerian females has experienced one form of violence or the other.

Nigeria is still a patriarchal society. According to the most recent nationally representative data by the Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey (2013), 25% of men across Nigeria believe that it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife if, among others, she refuses him sex, goes out without telling him or burns the food. Most women and girls experience violence between the ages of 15 and 49. In each of the geopolitical zones there are states with higher prevalence of violence against women.  Four states have been selected for the purpose of this grant implementation based on the high level of occurrence of violence in the states and the almost absence of any form of intervention by state and civil society organisations. The four states are Adamawa, Nassarawa, Cross River and the Federal Capital Territory

The Nigerian Women Trust Fund therefore seeks consultants to develop a training manual for a three day training for young women who will subsequently be mentored over a 10 month period in order to  facilitate a renewed capacity development, through mentorship of the next generation of feminist leaders to respond to violence against women and girls in Nigeria.


To develop a training manual/module to build the capacity of Young Feminist Leaders against towards ending violence against women (EVAWG).

IV.       Scope, Focus of the Assignment and Deliverables

The assignment will focus on the development of a resourceful training manual/ module on building the capacity of young women feminists’ leaders.

•           Development of a training manual with modules on the strong understanding of gender equality and women’s empowerment, identifying violence against women and girls and raising voices against it especially related to community mobilization and movement building at the national level.

•           The training manual should be useful to build the capacity of young female feminists to    respond to issues on rights of women and girls and aligning them to current trends nationally and at the international level.

•           The training manual should have contents to build the skills of young feminists’ leaders to sustain their voices and activism on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls well after the training and in the course of the mentorship.

V.        Roles and Responsibilities:

The consultants will be responsible for the development of a final copy of manual as key deliverable in accordance with the requirements and timeframes of the Terms of Reference.

VI.       Supervision:

Strategic guidance will be provided by the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the programme team. 

VII.     Recruitment Qualifications:


Advance Degree or certification in Social sciences/Humanities, Gender, Political Science, Policy Management, International Relations, Law, Development studies, Media, Communications or related field.


•           At least 10 years of professional experience working in one or more of the following areas: legal and policy reform and drafting, VAWG and Data, VAWG and networking and advocacy, gender-based violence, public policy analysis, development, strategic and action planning and gender equality and women’s empowerment training.

•           Proven technical competencies and experience in working in the area of ending violence against women/girls

•           Demonstrated experience in implementing programmes on gender equality and VAWG;   and in formulating result-oriented programme, monitoring programme based on indicators and quality writing and reporting. 

•           Previous work in Nigeria and the Nigerian Women Trust Fund on development of manuals and publications would be an advantage.

•           Previous experience in running gender institutes and development of tailored manuals.

•           Experience in the development and delivery of training programmes, toolkits, evaluation and monitoring matrices, and mentoring on VAWG.

•           Knowledge on women’s human rights instruments (international and national).

Language Requirements:    

•           Excellent oral and written communication in English. knowledge of language will be regarded a strong asset.

Application Requirements: 

•           A well written application

•           A detailed outline of the proposed manual

Payment Modalities:

•           40% Payment on completion of first draft

•           20 % payment on completion of 2nd draft

•           30 % payment on completion of the final copy ready for print