Women Fund’s CEO joined three other delegates from Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe in the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Gender Assessment of Ghana’s Pre-Election Environment in Accra from 6th-11th November, 2017. This assessment was initiated in response to findings from the pre-election assessment mission which held in August 2016. Delegates from the pre-assessment expressed concerns regarding several high-profile gender-based attacks on women’s political and electoral participation. The preliminary results were conducted by a group of high-level stakeholders drawn from across Africa and North America and the findings show significant barriers in the political environment as it relates to women in Ghana.

The approach of the assessment focused on understanding cultural attitudes towards gender equality; coverage of women candidates in the media; impact of socio-economic factors and the legal and administrative framework on women’s participation in political processes.

According to the delegates during the closing Press Conference held on Friday 11th November 2013 “although the over-all assessment indicates that women remain under-represented in Ghanaian politics, the appointment of women into key executive positions by the Ghanian Government is commendable and considered as active steps towards addressing women’s historical marginalization in governance”.

The gender assessment is the 5th to be conducted by IRI in Africa including Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco and now Ghana. That of Nigeria was incidentally conducted by the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund in 2015 before the General Elections and served as a case study for subsequent gender assessments.