As part of our engagement with professional women organisations, the Chief Executive Officer of Women Fund – Olufunke Baruwa was at the FIDA Law Week in Abuja to speak on the essence of women political party participation on June 23, 2015.

Olufunke emphasized that one of the factors impeding emergence of women as candidates is internal party politicals which does not favour women. This is largely because women are not involved in the high level decision making bodies of these parties. The Executive councils of political parties in Nigeria consist of just a handful of women and this is the reason female aspirants and candidates are disenfranchised.

To buttress her point, the CEO connected governance to the challenges faced by women: unemployment, high maternal mortality rate and poverty. If women want better governance, they must participate more effectively within the poltiical parties which produce those who eventually get elected.

She offered Women Fund assistance should any of the FIDA members want to register in any of the political parties.