Democracy being a political system that proposes participatory government will not be a truly representative if some groups are marginalized. In a country where traditional beliefs and myths of rural clusters have metamorphosed into its leadership systems, drastic steps are needed to be taken to help raise public awareness about gender relations and biases against women.

In the light of the above, members of the Young Women in Politics Forum (YWIPF) under the auspices of the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund organized a community sensitization meeting on the 25th May, 2018 at Idu Gbagyi community in Abuja. The event which was aimed at sensitizing young women and women of the community on the need to be proactive citizens, also presented an opportunity to seek for support from some of the male gatekeepers in the community.

In his response, the Mai Angwa (Head of the Community) was quick to eulogize efforts put
together to make the meeting a reality, adding that initiatives like such is a right step in the right direction to spur women to take up leadership positions.

YWIPF is an offshoot of the Young Women Leaders Project (YWLP) which is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to inculcate in young women, responsive leadership skills required to engage the political and governance system and subsequently contest and win elections in the future.