The Nigerian Women Trust Fund in partnership with the Stakeholder Democracy Network is pleased to announce, the launch of the Young Women Ambassador/Mentorship program. This program is a part of the More Women in Governance (M-WIG) project that is being implemented by both organizations to promote gender equality in governance and decision making spaces in Rivers State. The mentorship program is a developmental opportunity aimed at equipping young women with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to successfully engage in politics within the Niger Delta and Nigeria as a whole by connecting and fostering a relationship between women who have participated extensively in politics (mentors) and young women who are politically ambitious (mentees).

Why participate? This program will provide mentors with the opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive political system in the Niger Delta region of the country, and equip mentees with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in politics. It will also provide participants with the opportunity to expand their networks, and raise their leadership profiles.

You are invited to participate in this program as a mentee if you are:

  • A female between the ages of 18-35 who is currently enrolled in a higher learning institution; however, women with strong political will and exceptional qualities but are not part of any tertiary institution will be considered.
  • Enthusiastic about participating in the promotion of a gender inclusive governance within your community
  • Willing to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the program to advocate to stakeholders and sensitize other citizens about the importance of increased female political representation.

Note:  A two-day workshop will be held in Rivers state for applicants, to provide them with trainings on participating in the mentorship process to yield political and personal growth strategies. The mentees will afterwards, be matched with their mentors and both mentors and mentees will receive a manual to guide the mentorship structure.  This program is open only to females who reside in Port Harcourt

Please download the appropriate attachment and email response to and

Program duration is 3 months and the deadline for application is the 5th of June 2019