Women Fund and the Women in Politics Forum have teamed up with one of the
world’s largest social network, Facebook in a build-up survey that will no
doubt advance the cause of women in the political space.

In discussions with Ms. Olufunke Baruwa (CEO Women Fund) and Ms. Sharon
Ikeazor (WIPF); Ms. Akua Gyekye, Facebook’s Public Policy Analyst for Africa
affirmed that the survey is intended to identify and showcase how female
parliamentarians use Facebook to communicate with their constituents. A
selected number of female parliamentarians and their media teams have been
identified to participate in the process, these women will join hundreds of
other women parliamentarians in Africa and beyond on this project.

The outcome of the survey will amplify women’s voices in their
constituencies and expand the space for women to actively engage the
electorate using strategic and targeted social media presence.

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