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1. What type of support does the Women’s Fund provide?

The Women’s Fund provides strategic support in terms of generally working with key stakeholders and influencers to create a more enabling environment for women to contest in. Our trained team of campaign managers are, at the discretion of the candidates available to support campaigns and we also recognize that elections are expensive and women are usually at a disadvantage when it comes to bearing the burden of this cost. For women who meet the eligibility criteria, we support their campaigns with spend grants. What this means is, there are some costs which all campaigns have: the cost of renting space or vehicles, the cost of printing posters and hand bills or paying for radio and television advertising time, the Women’s Fund will make those payments for our candidates i.e., spend on their behalf.

2. How does the women fund decide which female candidates to support

We use our Eligibility Criteria. The Eligibility Criteria is a document designed to set a standard procedure for evaluating applications for financial and other forms of support from the women’s fund thereby creating an objective and transparent process for accessing non cash financial resources and technical expertise and secondly to provide benchmarks for enhancing the capacity of female politicians towards electioneering campaign strategies, effective negotiations and dialogue within the party or constituency in seeking elective and appointive positions or offices