WEfm Abuja played host to a trio of gender advocates to talk about Women in Governance on the Radio Station’s Morning Mojo segment hosted by Stanley Bentu. The discussions focused on the under-representation of women in governance following the recent appointment of 23 new heads of federal government agencies.

Women Fund CEO, Ms. Olufunke Baruwa pointed out that women’s appointment into leadership positions in the country still remains at the entry point and that until a conscious effort is made by the political class through systemic changes, women’s inclusion in democracy, leadership and governance processes may continue to elude us.

Ms. Ayisha Osori, lawyer and activist reiterated the need for the country to harness the untapped resources in women. She expressed concerns on the reoccurring low representation of women also noted that until the present political system in the country shifts from sharing mentality into service and value delivery, it may perpetually remain underdeveloped.

Sharing the views of her colleagues, Ms. Wumi-Asubiro Dada, Output 4 Lead for DFID-Voices for Change, added that the country’s leadership system has been eroded by social norms and beliefs deeply rooted in patriarchy. She described the system as wearing a “masculine” image and as such women are fundamentally deemed persona non-grata when considering positions of leadership.