As part of efforts to institutionalize anti-corruption and accountability demands through citizens’ engagement in Nigeria’s democratic process, the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF) in Partnership with Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA)  with support from  MacArthur Foundation convened a  one-day stakeholders’ review meetings on 23rd and 25th November 2019 in Oyo and Kano States respectively. These meetings were aimed at reevaluating commitments made during the October 2018 Stakeholders forum which aimed at highlighting best practices to enhance accountability, transparency and greater citizen’s participation in Nigeria’s democratic process..

The review meetings also sought to provide platform for stakeholders to analyze their strategies, make improvements and improve capacities where necessary. In attendance were major critical players and stakeholders ranging from Civil Society Organizations, as well as State Ministries representatives from political party’s security agencies, the media and development partners. Highlights of the meetings included the need for all Nigerians to be more observant and be able to draw correct analyses to demand for accountability and the need to track efforts of all those who have won elections against the background of their campaign promises was also reiterated. During the meeting key stakeholders agreed that institutionalizing anti-corruption and accountability should not focus on government and its institutions alone but on individual Nigerians who also do not deliver and do not fulfill their civic responsibilities.