Every person has the right to feel responsible for justice in their community and when all members understand and support this sentiment, they can work together to effect positive changes especially on policies and bias that affect them. Conversely, if any community is not mobilized in creating safe spaces for women and girls, the ideas and initiatives put forward will not be supported for the achievement of an equitable society.

It was on this premise that the Nigerian Women Trust Fund supported Ms. Rita Egwu, a member of the Young Women in Politics Forum to organize a community mobilizing event at Lokotiye community in Nassarawa State on March 10 2018. The event was organised to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day and sensitize women and young girls of the community on the low representation of women in politics and other decision-making platforms, and their responsibility as citizens to change this narrative.

Ms. Rita explained how women’s inclusion in political leadership and governance is critical to societal and human development and the ways by which a systemic entrenchment of discriminatory practices are negating hurdles to the nation’s wholistic development. She urged everyone present to build a network of men and women committed to breaking down all forms of gender barriers especially in politics.

The event was also attended by the High Chief of the community and other male stakeholders who pledged their support for women’s inclusion, starting with subsequent political activities within Lokotiye community.