‘If only youths had knowledge or old men the strength’, this is the saying of an anonymous proverb. It is true that with youth participation, we can bring about the desired change and in this case, the desired change we want to see in gender representation in government.

Women Fund continued to engage young people through the SheImpact movement and #MyBoldSteps campaign this time with the Drug Free Community Development Service (CDS) group of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in the Federal Capital Territory.

MyBoldSteps calls for an increased participation of women in decision making positions within all levels of governance and encouragescorps members to take action in support of women’s leadership and political participation. It also spurs young women to take bold steps towards supporting female aspirants or running for elective office themselvesand for young men to support women in this cause. Some of the corps members pledged to take action in form of peer education and other forms of outreach.