Access to Justice

Project: Judicial Anti-Corruption Initiative

To strengthen the rule of law in Nigeria by promoting impartiality, transparency, and accountability in the judiciary. The organization will monitor judicial oversight mechanisms and assess the implementation of transparency and accountability guidelines, identifying weakness and recommending reforms. It will mobilize the public and pursue public interest litigation in an effort to strengthen judicial integrity.

Website: www.accesstojustice-ng

Conciliation Resources

Project:  Youth Participation in Governance and Security in Plateau State

To strengthen the capacity of youth networks to engage in dialogue with policy and security actors to promote conflict transformation and government accountability in Plateau State, the organization will facilitate a series of youth leadership capacity trainings, enabling them to implement community security score-card reviews. The youth will use this score-card data to guide security dialogues with policymakers at the community and state level.


Centre for Constitutional Governance

Project: Improving Local Governance and Service Delivery in Nigeria

To strengthen the capacity of citizens and civil society organizations to promote local and state government accountability in public service management in Imo and Kogi states, the grantee will pilot a citizen’s report card survey assessing local government public service management. It will use these surveys to initiate effective citizen-government dialogues on government responsibilities. The organization will also provide community public interest coalitions with enhanced skills to promote their government accountability initiatives.

Location: Lagos

Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants

Project:  Improving Access to Justice for Pretrial Detainees

To promote access to justice for pre-trial detainees, the organization will provide free legal aid to select detainees, and conduct prison surveys across the country to identify prison management shortcomings. It will use its legal aid and survey experiences to advocate for legislative and policy reforms directed at reforming the judiciary, police, and prison services to promote rights of imprisoned Nigerians.

Website: curenigeria

Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights

Project:  Promoting Citizens Democracy Participation through Public Accountability

To strengthen the capacity of civil society to promote public accountability and participate in political decision making processes in the five Southeast states, the organization will mobilize communities throughout Southeast Nigeria to engage in budget advocacy and monitoring. It will also assist them in measuring the performance of their elected representatives through a scorecard survey, the results of which will be used to guide government accountability advocacy initiatives.

Location: Owerri Municipal

CLEEN Foundation

Project:  Fostering Civil-Military Dialogue

To strengthen civil-military relations to improve accountability, security, and human rights throughout Nigeria, the CLEEN Foundation will conduct a series of iterative civil society discussions, military engagements, and joint civil-military dialogues to produce a roadmap for increasing communication and collaboration. External experts will review the roadmap, and then civil society will advocate that the military endorse and implement the roadmap.

Website: cleen

Community Policing Partners for Justice, Security and Democratic Reforms

Project:  Advancing Human Rights, Accountability, and Transparency in Akwa Ibom and Abia

To strengthen the capacity of oil host communities to advance human rights, accountability, and transparency through the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the Freedom of Information Act, the organization will conduct human rights trainings for security forces, traditional rulers, and non-state actors. It will also organize paralegal training and support initiatives for community members.

Location: Akwa-Ibom

Environmental Rights Action

Project:  Enhancing Citizen Participation in Oil Conflict Management and Local Governance

To strengthen the capacity of communities to participate effectively in local governance and oil industry regulation to reduce oil spills and conflict in Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, and Rivers states, the organization will educate oil host communities on oil spill prevention and oil spill response, improving community trust in government institutions, and reducing the propensity of conflict. The organization will pay particular attention to creating space for women to play leading roles in these processes throughout the project.


Future Generation Entrepreneurship Development Initiative

Project:  YNaija Accountability Project

To strengthen government transparency and accountability through sustained policy monitoring and civic mobilization on social media in Nigeria, the organization will launch a website – – dedicated to providing credible, accessible, and timely information on crucial policy debates at the federal and state level. It will also organize forums for youth-government policy discussions.


The Initiative for Equal Rights

Project: LGBT Rights Awareness and Advocacy Project

To advance and protect the basic human rights of the LGBT community in Nigeria through evidence based human rights advocacy aimed at shaping government laws and policies, and public opinion, the organization will extend the hours of its LGBT support services. It will also monitor reported violations and publish a report highlighting these abuses, which it will share in domestic and international advocacy campaigns.


Gender Awareness Trust

Project:  Popular Participation through Community Budget Councils in Kaduna

To enhance community participation in local governance by mobilizing constituents to engage elected representatives and government officials on local governance and development priorities in Kaduna State. The organization will assist three local government areas in forming community budget councils that will both assist communities in assessing their development priorities, and convey these priorities to local and state government officials. Through these dialogues, the community budget councils will build strong relations between constituents and recently elected government representatives, and promote local government accountability.


Human Rights Justice and Peace Foundation

Project:  Creating an Enabling Environment for Accountable and Inclusive Governance in the Niger-Delta

To foster an environment that will enable youth and women to engage fully in decision making processes, free from political discrimination, harassment, and violence; and, to strengthen the capacity of communities to engage in the budget process to combat corruption and promote transparency and accountability at the state level, the organization will facilitate town hall meetings on accountable government that will serve to mobilize communities to engage their government representatives on effectively using government resources to serve community needs.

Location: Abia

Human Rights Law Service

Project:  Strengthening the Election Petition Process

To foster an environment that will enable youth and women to engage fully in decision making processes, free from political discrimination, harassment, and violence; and, to strengthen the capacity of communities to engage in the budget process to combat corruption and promote transparency and accountability at the state level, the organization will facilitate town hall meetings on accountable government that will serve to mobilize communities to engage their government representatives on effectively using government resources to serve community needs.


Inclusive Friends Association

To strengthen the capacity of people with disabilities to advocate for enhanced government respect for their rights and responsiveness to their development needs, the organization will facilitate disability advocacy training, citizen engagement forums, radio programs, and participatory theater, mobilizing people with disabilities to address their political marginalization.

Location: Jos

Incorporated Trustees of Community Legal Support Initiative

Project: Launching an Inter-City Network of Paralegals from Marginalized Communities

To empower marginalized urban communities with local legal aid solutions and community-based support in order to facilitate proactive engagement with elected officials and to set a pro-poor urban governance agenda. The program will provide paralegal training and support to marginalized populations in Port Harcourt and Lagos so that they can use the legal system to defend their basic rights, while making demands for improved government accountability.


Independent Advocacy Project

Project: Political Finance Transparency (II)

To build a network of informed opinion leaders, state actors, academics, and civil society activists committed to advocating for political finance transparency to fight government corruption, the organization will undertake an assessment of campaign finance during the 2015 elections. The organization will also work with allies across the country to foster a public campaign demanding the enforcement of campaign disclosure laws and the adoption of stricter regulations.


Interfaith Forum of Muslim and Christian Women's Association

Project: Muslim and Christian Women Promoting Peace and Good Governance in Kaduna State

To strengthen the leadership capacity of women’s faith-based groups to promote peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance, and to empower women with the knowledge and skills to participate effectively in governance to ensure that women’s voices are heard in Kaduna State, the organization will host a series of community seminars, forums, and radio shows, where representatives of women’s faith-based organizations can convey their governance and security concerns to their community and government leaders.

Location: Kaduna

Centre for Women Studies and Intervention

Project: Promoting Women's Participation in Politics - Ebonyi State To empower women

leaders with the political knowledge and skills to enter and shape political discourse in Ebonyi State, the organization will train women from political, civil society, and media backgrounds in political leadership and educate men on the importance of political inclusion. The organization will also mentor women interested in seeking political office.

Location: Abuja

International Centre for Investigative Reporting

Project: Investigative Reporting for Government Accountability

To foster a culture of investigative and data-driven journalism to fight government corruption and promote accountability in Nigeria, the organization will hire several journalists, including an IT staff. The program will strengthen the capacity of journalists to investigate and report on government corruption, and facilitate networking among investigative journalists across numerous media houses. It will also launch a government fact-checking website.


Kebetkache Women Development & Resource Center

Project: Promoting Women in Democracy Dialogue in the Niger Delta

To strengthen the capacity of politically marginalized groups to advocate for enhanced civic, social, political, and economic participation in the Niger Delta, the organization will organize a series of democracy roundtables where women, youth, and others can engage with traditional and political leaders to discuss their governance priorities. The organization will also produce radio programs highlighting the need for increased political inclusion.

Location: Rivers, PortHarcourt

Leadership Initiative for Transformation and Empowerment - Africa

Project: Strengthening Citizens Voice for Change in Delta State

To create avenues for community members to use the power of collective action to push for public accountability and transparency in Delta State, the organization will conduct a series of social audits assessing local and state government performance. It will train communities in accountability advocacy and facilitate community-government engagements, where it will guide community members in demanding government policies and public sector investments that reflect the will of the public.


African Centre for Human Advancement and Resource Support

Project: Strengthening Democratic Governance through Effective Citizen Participation in Abia

To promote government accountability, transparency, and responsiveness to constituent needs in Abia State, the organization will facilitate a series of targeted civil society capacity building trainings aimed at improving citizens’ knowledge of participatory governance, human rights, and advocacy. The program will foster an inclusive and democratic coalition of activists, specifically targeting market associations and women’s groups, and provide platforms for government-constituent discussions on state accountability.

Location: Abia

National Council of YMCAs of Nigeria

Project: Democracy and Good Governance Emerge Project

To empower youth with leadership skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of democracy and human rights to enable them to foster a democratic culture in Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe, and Plateau states, the organization will facilitate leadership camps to educate and mobilize youth to participate in political dialogue. It will also mentor youth leaders as they launch local governance advocacy campaigns and engage in national discussions on youth policy reform.

Location: Bauchi

Leadtots and Human Development Services

Project: Student Union Democratic Leadership Academy II

To strengthen the capacity of student unions to mobilize and educate university students and community youth to participate effectively in governance in Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe, and Taraba states, the organization will train young leaders in democratic governance and institutionalize democratic leadership development in student unions in tertiary institutions.


Network on Police Reform in Nigeria

Project: Advancing Police Reform in Nigeria through Media and Drama

To advance police reform by mobilizing the public and government authorities to demand improvements in police welfare and reductions in police abuse in Nigeria. The organization will produce live television debates where issue experts will discuss topics ranging from police corruption and extrajudicial killings to the poor welfare packages offered to police officers. Participants will be invited to call in with comments and questions, encouraging greater dialogue and engagement between community members and their local police forces.


New Initiative for Social Development

Project: Increasing Women’s Participation in Democratic Governance in Osun and Oyo States II

To empower women to advocate for increased political participation, and to institutionalize political structures that will promote women’s rights and political participation in Osun and Oyo states, the organization will train legislators on integrating gender into development plans, while facilitating forums where civil society can engage state governments on women’s rights. It will also provide legal assistance to women and legislators working to advance women’s rights.


Organization for Community Civic Engagement

Project: Strengthening Youth Political Participation in Northwest Nigeria

To strengthen the capacity of youth to engage with political actors to promote public accountability in Kano, Kaduna, and Jigawa states. The project will create an enabling environment in which citizens and their leaders can interact and engage each other on matters of good governance, political accountability, and the limited participation of marginalized groups. The grantee will train youth leaders in advocacy and facilitate town hall discussions and media programming on youth participation in governance.

Location: Kano

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project

Project: Combating Corruption & Impunity: Reforming Anti-Corruption Mechanisms

To promote justice sector and anti-corruption oversight mechanism reform to facilitate the implementation of anti-corruption laws to deliver accountable and transparent government in Nigeria. The organization will deploy a team of researchers to assess the performance of Nigeria’s judiciary and anti-corruption mechanisms in combating government corruption, identifying areas for reform. It will mobilize the public and employ strategic litigation to compel the government to fight impunity.


Youngstars Development Initiative

Project: Canvassity Academy for Young Citizens

To continue its youth democracy education initiatives aimed at educating youth on their civic rights and responsibilities and fostering innovative youth-led approaches that increase government transparency, accountability, and efficiency, the organization will empower youth activists from across Nigeria and Africa. Through a series of intensive civic education trainings, they will mobilize their communities and government representatives to address social, political, and economic concerns. It will also lead young activists on an international democracy learning visit.


Youth Initiative for Advocacy Growth & Advancement

Project: Empowering Youth for Effective Democratic Participation III

To educate young Nigerians on citizenship, civic activism, and fundamental human rights so that they actively engage in participatory democracy; equip young people with the policy advocacy skills needed to contribute to the democratic process; and strengthen cross-border collaboration and regional integration among youth organizations working to advance democratic governance and youth development in West Africa, the organization will facilitate youth advocacy trainings and a roundtable with the National Assembly. It will also produce a youth democracy journal.


Strategic Empowerment and Mediation Agency

Project: Promoting Democratic Governance and Peace at the Local Government Level in Kaduna

To empower youth leaders and networks with the skills necessary to participate in political decision-making processes to promote accountability, transparency, and peace in Kaduna State, the organizations will mentor youth networks as they conduct advocacy visits, town hall meetings, and radio shows highlighting youth governance priorities.

Location: Kaduna

Nigerian Women Trust Fund

Project: Young Women's Leadership Project II

To empower young women with the advocacy, organizing, and leadership skills necessary to participate in the political decision-making processes in Abia and Kogi states, the organization will implement a leadership program targeting 18 to 30-year-old women in post-secondary institutions that will teach participants how to engage astutely in the political system. It will then support these young women to conduct a series of civic activities targeting students, communities, and state houses of assembly.


Women in Need Foundation

Project: Mobilizing Women for Political Participation

To educate and mobilize women to participate in politics in Kaduna State, and to encourage community leaders to include women in decision-making. The organization will equip politically active women with the knowledge and skills they need to compete at the polls, and will train them how to be agents of change in their communities.

Location: Kaduna