The Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF) with support from the Ford Foundation recently concluded the training of 196 young women in four focal States (Rivers, Ebonyi, Kebbi and Ekiti) which started on 11 October and ended on 12 November 2021. The training held to strengthen the leadership capabilities of the young women and to strengthen their voices against violence against women and girls across communities in Nigeria. The workshops also provided selected young women with insight into the feasibility of engaging and initiating preventive actions and addressing inequitable gender power dynamics, with the explicit aim of empowering young women to take action to advance the women and girls rights through mentorship.
This phase of the mentorship programme targeted building the capacity of fifty (50) young women in each of the focal states. In attendance were also experienced mentor-figures who understand the issues on dynamics of power, women’s leadership and the barrier that violence against women and girls constitute to the growth and advancement of young women and girls.
The following topics and issues were discussed in different sessions of the workshop: Causes of Violence against women and girls –VAWG and Feminism- Consequences of VAWG- Rights Based approach to ending VAWG- Frameworks on ending violence against women and girls- A-Z Strategies in Ending VAWG- Feminist Organising.

The capacity building workshops were organized with a mix of presentation of evidence, concepts, and recommendations as well as inter-active and participatory learning exercises, contemporary case studies and exchange of experiences through group-work. Participants applied the skills leant to develop a small set of follow up actions that they can apply at the community levels in response to violence against women and girls.
The workshop also availed the opportunity to exhaustively link the connections between violence against women and girls and women’s political leadership. Mentors with vast experience and from diverse background have consequently been selected to mentor these young women after the workshops.