Gender and Election Watch (GEW)

Election Day Press Statement on the Osun State Governorship Election

22 September 2018


The Nigeria Women Trust Fund (NWTF) Gender and Election Watch supported by the European Union Support to Democratic Governance (EUSDGN) deployed sixty-three (63) observers across the thirty (30) Local Government Areas of Osun State for the Osun State Governorship Election.  NWTF GEW observations are informed by reports obtained from its 63 deployed observers and calls on the 5 GEW hotlines.


NWTF GEW observes as follows:

  1. That most of polling units were opened by 8 am.
  2. That the election was largely peaceful and orderly. This can be attributed to reduced presence of security agents both at polling units and on the streets.
  3. That there was an impressive turnout of voters and considerable number of women were also sighted.
  4. That priority voting was accorded to aged persons as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers in the polling units visited.
  5. That a high number of female polling officials were also sighted
  6. That there was a considerable presence of female security personnel deployed at polling units
  7. Inspite of the efforts by INEC to curb incidences of vote buying, the trend seems to have continued using creative, discreet and advanced means.
  8. That there were no special provisions for Persons with Disabilities to access polling units to cast their votes
  9. That transactional nature of voter inducement may have affected women limiting their right to vote candidates for candidates of their choice.
  10. That there was a high number of female accredited observers.
  11. That there is a considerable improvement in the conduct of security personnel at polling units.
  12. The qualitative candidature of female governorship and deputy governorship candidates is commendable.

NWTF GEW urges as follows:

  1. More strict measures to detect and hold accountable perpetrators of voter inducement
  2. That INEC should increase efficiency in supporting the participation of Persons with Disabilities in subsequent elections.
  3. More intense education for security agents on the role of election observers.
  4. Political parties to keep the faith in women’s candidature representation in the upcoming parties’ primaries.
  5. A deliberate and conscious effort to give female aspirants opportunities to emerge as candidates in the upcoming party primaries in Governorship, senatorial, house of representatives, state house of assemblies and FCT area council.

The Gender and Election Watch (GEW) is an initiative of Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF)’s supported in Osun, Imo States and the Federal Capital City (FCT) by the European Union Support for Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN), aimed at observing and analyzing the participation of women compared to men in elections through election observation from a gender perspective.


GEW Hotlines: +234-9062782771, 9062782772, 9062782773, 9062782774, 9062782775