The chief executive officer (CEO) of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (WF), Ayisha Osori, has debunked media reports suggesting that the non-governmental organisation was involved in partisan politics because of her personal political ambition. She said the NGO is non-partisan but only out to further the interests of women in politics and government by ensuring increased representation of women in elective positions.

In a press statement issued in Abuja yesterday and personally signed by Osori, she said she decided that it was important for her to get first hand knowledge by running for an elective office and being partisan in order to acquire a knowledge-base to discuss for or with women and girls in line with the NGO’s objectives.

“Recent media reports have linked me with one or several political parties. My interest in politics and decision to run cannot be divorced from my role, the focus of the organization and my personal desire as a citizen to contribute to developing our democracy. As a result I state my non-partisan ship to any, but all the political parties in Nigeria as far as the objectives and tenets of the WF are met.

“In this regard, I will continue to work to further the interest of women and girls in partisan politics, in line with the objectives of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund,” Osori added