Project Tasani (Let her Know) is a project initiated by the 2016 set of Mentees of our Young Women Mentorship Programme (phase 1) as their contribution to bridging the leadership gap within a selected local community.

The Project aims to inspire young women’s interest in democracy, governance and leadership processes so they may in turn join the advocacy movement and empower other women, especially in rural communities. The mentees acknowledge that there are many women who are unaware of the spaces available for them to lead and those who are aware do not feel empowered enough to take bold steps.

Against this backdrop, the “SHISHIDA” village near Tungan Maje in the Gwagwalagda district of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja was selected as the pilot for their sensitization programme. Tasani is aimed primarily to educate rural women on the essence of participatory leadership. Other activities include skill acquisition training, reproductive health talks and on access to micro credit to improve their education and trades.

The young women are currently reaching out to another community in Kaduna as they hope to continue to deploy the project to other rural communities in the future.