The Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (The Fund) congratulates Justice Aloma-Mukhtar, the legal community and the people of Nigeria on the confirmation and appointment of the first female chief justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. For the first time since pre-colonial times, a woman of undisputable technical knowledge and professional experience will head one of the three arms of government – the judiciary.

Justice Mariam Aloma Mukhtar is a trailblazer for women who has led a life of ‘firsts’. She was the first female from the north of Nigeria (Kano State) to become a lawyer, the first to be appointed as a justice of the Court of Appeal and also the first female judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

The Fund’s endorsement of Justice Mariam Aloma Muhktar is in recognition of the influence that her role as Chief Justice of Nigeria will bring to addressing the gender imbalance in decision-making in Nigeria, especially at the highest levels where she will sit as a member of the Council of State. Her appointment is a powerful message of encouragement to the federal and state governments to support and implement the National Gender Policy 2006 which requires a minimum 35% gender representation in government: women are capable, talented partners in governance.

It is our hope at the Fund that Justice Mariam Aloma Muhktar will spearhead judicial reform to address the disillusionment of Nigerians with the judiciary and improve access to justice for women in defence of their rights as human beings and citizens of Nigeria.

We wish Justice Mariam Aloma Muhktar all the best in her new role and hope that she continues to inspire girls and women everywhere and continues to be a role model for all Nigerians – a symbol of the dedication, commitment and value that females represent.

Ayisha Osori

The Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund