Pre-election Press Statement on the Osun State Governorship Election

15 July 2022 Preamble: 

The Nigerian Women Trust Fund, through its Gender and Election Watch, is in Osun for the 2022 Governorship Election to observe the election from a gender perspective. This strategic initiative has been put in place to gather information and carry out an analysis of women’s participation in the Osun election in comparison to men as well as the implication of the analysis on the inclusion, credibility, and fairness of the election.   


To this end, NWTF GEW has deployed fifty, (50) accredited observers and additional citizen observers across the thirty (30) Local Government Areas of Osun state for the State Governorship Election scheduled for tomorrow 16 July 2022 to observe and assess from a gender lens, how all elements of an election process in the governorship election can affect both men and women.


On the eve of the governorship election, NWTF GEW observation is focused on the analysis of male and female candidates in the election, INEC’s preparedness, and the security situation and how it could impact the participation of women differently from men. There is also a close assessment against the background of the Electoral Act 2022 as amended.


NWTF GEW conducted a pre-election observation as follows:

  1. There are fifteen (15) candidates in the 2022 Osun Governorship election compared to 48 in the last governorship election of 2018.
  2. That of the fifteen (15) candidates contesting the governorship election in 2022, there are no female candidates, representing zero per cent (o%) of the total candidates compared to 2018 where there were 7 female candidates which represent 8% of the governorship candidates. The absence of female governorship candidates in the 2022 election governorship race compared to the 2018 Governorship election where there were seven female candidates is not reflective of the gender inclusion drive.
  3. That of the fifteen (15) Deputy Governorship Candidates, only Six (6) are female candidates. This represents 40% of the Deputy Governorship candidates compared to seventeen (17) female Deputy Governorship Candidates out of the forty-eight (48) in the 2018 Governorship election.
  4. INEC’s distribution of sensitive materials so far has been conducted purposefully to ensure timely delivery of all electoral materials. This was based on progress observed earlier today during visits to the RACs.
  5. There is a strong presence of armed security personnel across the state.
  6. That the perceived tension, which is not incredibly significant, should be professionally managed by security personnel should continue to be professionally managed.
  7. That the signing of the peace accord is significant and positive as the election day rolls in.
  8. That there is enthusiasm on the part of the electorates to participate in the election.

We urge on the following:

  1. That despite male dominance and gender imbalance in the candidates for the election, women should still come out in their numbers to vote in the election as other elements of the electoral process including their voting on election day will bring about the much-desired governance process in Nigeria.
  2. That the purposeful distribution of all electoral materials should be sustained to ensure an early opening of polls and overall conduct of the election on 16 July 2022.
  3. That the security agencies must maintain their nonpartisanship.
  4. That the security agencies should avoid all acts of intimidation, inappropriate use and show of force capable of reducing voter participation in the election.
  5. Security personnel should be ready to arrest electoral offenders and document all evidence of infractions and violence for appropriate sanctions.
  6. That all electoral stakeholders are guided by the 2022 INEC Guidelines on the Osun State Governorship Election.
  7. That political parties be reminded of their commitment to the Peace Accord signed by the candidates on 13 July 2022 for a peaceful election throughout the duration of the election and thereafter.
  8. NWTF GEW calls on all registered voters in Osun State, both male and female to vote for candidates of their choice and not subject their choice of candidates to any form of voter inducement.



The Gender and Election Watch (GEW) is an initiative of the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF), aimed at observing and analyzing the participation of women compared to men in elections through election observation from a gender perspective.

GEW Hotlines: +234-09169433318, 09136879623


Mufuliat Fijabi

Chief Executive Officer

For Gender and Election Watch (GEW) Room of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF).



NWTF Osun State 2022 Governorship Pre Election Press Statement