I am very pleased to finally present the official Report of the 2011 General Elections. Certainly, this Report has been a long time coming. But perhaps, the seeming delay underscores the fact that a general election should not be treated as an event, but as a cycle of several events. On the one hand, this implies that elections are not completed until a series of post-election activities have been finalized including, among others, election litigations, re-runs where applicable and reviews by the election management body. These post-election activities have preoccupied INEC in the past several months and as we show in this Report, an account of the 2011 elections would not have been complete without taking these post-election activities on board. I am particularly pleased with the massive reduction of election litigations from 2007 levels. The over 50% reduction in cases that went to court testifies not only to improvements in the conduct of the elections, but also to rising confidence of voters, candidates and political parties in the work of the Commission. In addition, we have conducted several reviews and lesson-learning activities since the elections, culminating in an independent review by a Committee of renowned scholars, lawyers and civil society practitioners namely, the Registration and Election Review Committee (RERC), the report of which is now available at our website.