From August 16, 2013 when the Senate voted to keep Section 29 (4)(b) (“Any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age”) through September 24 2013 during a press conference arranged by GECORN (Gender & Constitution Reform Network) to address gender issues around constitutional amendments, we have remained committed to this issue. The implications of keeping this section cover the range of social, health, economic, political, and developmental (education, nation building) issues as pointed out in many articles, including the one by Maryam Uwais, one of our Advisory board members. It is not a religious issue as was misunderstood and this should not becloud the danger this section poses to the well being of the innocent girl-child.

We’ve staked out the Millennium Park in Abuja to collecting over 3000 signatures, meet with the Senate leadership and been part of the
lively national and international media discussions.The struggle is not over- we salute all the men, women, children, civil society organisations and religious organisations who have kept the pressure up to rid our Constitution of discriminatory and life limiting provisions and the inclusion of provisions which will create a more enabling environment for women to participate in. Keep reading us.