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At SheImpact we believe that women and men should have equal opportunities to positively impact our communities, families and public decisions. Each and every one of us can make a difference and should not be discriminated.

In our newsletters you will find updated information on advances and setbacks on women’s political participation and leadership in Nigeria, legislation, proposals, networking opportunities, report on women’s impact and contribution throughout the nation and dissemination of activities happening in different parts of the country. Our purpose is to contribute to inform public decisions and opinion towards better mechanisms, policies and a more democratic Nigeria.

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#MyBoldSteps aims to spur women to break out of their comfort zones and take those bold steps towards achieving their dreams and aspirations; the desire to achieve more as well as spur other women to do same in every sphere of life, especially in civic and political participation. That in every sphere of life, they should ... dare to lead. It also calls out to men to take that bold step by encouraging women and creating spaces for women to thrive thereby ensuring social justice for all.

#MyBoldSteps says NO to gender discrimination, NO to gender disparity in government, NO to gender blind budgeting, NO to unfair internal party politics; and most importantly, #MyBoldSteps says no to timidity and inferiority complex and it is a call for women to double efforts towards 2019. The over-arching message of #MyBoldSteps is ‘Break out of your comfort zone … Give it all it takes … the time is now!’