Dear Partners,

The Board of Directors of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF) hereby announces the tenure end of Olufunke Baruwa as Chief Executive Officer of the Fund effective Monday, 19th February 2018.

Olufunke has served on the Board since inception in March 2011 and as CEO in the last three (3) years from 2015-2018 during which time the Fund has recorded many significant accomplishments and widely reckoned with as the foremost organisation for women’s leadership and political participation in Nigeria and beyond.

The Advisory Board, Board of Directors and Management of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund thank Olufunke for her unparalleled dedication, passion and commitment to the Fund’s vision and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

Olufunke will continue to serve on the Board of Directors in advisory capacity to continue to contribute to the growth of Fund and can be reached on:

If you have any questions during this transition period, please do not hesitate to reach the Fund’s Program Officer, Oluchi Okpechi  on and 0811 890 9601 or and 09 292 1736.

We thank you and look forward to your continued partnership.

Amina Salihu, PhD
Chair, Board of Directors

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