In commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child, the Chief Executive Officer of the Women Fund, Olufunke Baruwa spoke to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) about the GEO Bill and the recent move of some clerics to forestall its passage.

According to her, this bill is to provide a legislation that seeks to eliminate all forms of discrimination on the basis of sex and gender in private and public spaces, affirms women’s rights to equal opportunities to realize their full potential and provide protection for their bodily integrity and human dignity. She further explained that the bill is a sacrosanct national tool needed to stimulate the full development and advancement of all persons and the modification of socio-cultural practices that discriminate against women especially in political and leadership stratum. In her words, it is the portal to an unbiased system that would ensure Citizen’s desired social satisfaction.

She however enjoined all religious clerics and law makers to remain supportive of the GEO Bill which recently scaled through the second reading.

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