The Nigerian Women Trust Fund held a focus group discussion on June 25, 2015 to analyse the participation of women in the 2015 general elections and share with participants its findings in the election observation it carried out in the FCT. The election observation was aimed at collating data on women participation in terms of the number of women who voted, women who were INEC officials, security agents, party agents. The reports shared also showed INEC sensitivity to women, pregnant women, women disabilities and nursing mothers.

The media and other organisations shared their observation reports. The challenges expidited were poor time managment, violence and unfavourable internal party politics. Recommendations were made for improved women participation in 2019. It include starting early, building roots in the rurals, carrying out community projects, lobbying, networking and building capacity to be able to contest favourably.

Participating organisations included Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Change Managers International (CMI), Election Monitor, Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), Gender Technical Unit (GTU) in the National Assembly, CIRDDOC, WRAPA, DFID-V4C and media organisations: PRTV, Eko FM, Lagos Television, People’s Daily and MITV.