The Women Fund in collaboration with the Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA) and Women Rights Advancement & Protection Alternative (WRAPA) organized its first Twitter Conference for #CreateHerSpace project.

The discussions which took place online from 2pm-4pm with the theme “#AreWomenReady for 2015” was aimed at discussing and asserting preparedness of women towards the upcoming 2015 general elections. The conference facilitated by Samson Itodo(@DsamsonItodo) of YIAGA was also led by four panelists – Jibo Ibrahim(@JibrinIbrahim17), Sharon Ikeazor(@Sharon_Ikeazor), Cynthia Mbamalu(@DCynthiaM) and Ayisha Osori (@Naijavote). Participants were given the opportunity to express their views and ask question.

From the highly interactive discussions and comments received, do you believe its safe to conclude that women are indeed ready to play an active role in securing positions in 2015?.

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