In a continued bid to ensure a successor generation of young women leaders, the Women Fund’s Young Women Project ambassadors championed another leadership course on community development. These young women of Bingham University, Karu with some community member of the Autabalafi Community paid Honour Gaza Jonathan Gbefwi on an advocacy visit in order to request for his intervention in challenges faced by the girl-child and women in the community.

IMG-20160721-WA005With some these challenges presented by the community being their young women’s inability to further their education to higher institution of learning and their low participation in politics and decision making, the advocacy visit, which is part of the components of Young Women Leaders Project, served as an effective platform to connect the needs of the Autabalafi community with their legislative representative at the national level.

The Honorable in his response, professed the visit as timely and reassured of his continued commitments towards the development of the community’s young women and girls, and the constituency at large.

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