The Ancient Royal House of Isegban Oban Community of FeleleOworoLokoja, one of the indigenous communities in Kogi State,played host to the Young Women Leaders of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund from The Kogi State Polytechnic.

The young women engaged elders and residents of the Oban Community and created a platform for stakeholders to address issues limiting the community’s development including inadequate basic amenities such as pipe borne water, electricity, schools and health care; access to credit; and poor constituency-legislature engagement.These issues will subsequently be tabled before the Legislator representing FeleleOworoConstituency of Lokoja, Kogi Stateduring the learning visit to the State House of Assembly.

The meeting provided a unique opportunity for the young women to demonstrate active citizenship and hone their community engagement skills as well as imbibe leadership abilities asadvocates of equitable governance.

The Young Women Leaders Project (YWLP) is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and seeks to inculcate in young women, responsive leadership skills required to engage the political and governance system and subsequently contest and win elections in the future.