The Traditional head of UNGWAN-GIMBIYA Community Chief, Mr Bawo Baraje, hosted the Young Women in Politics Forum of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund in Kaduna State.

The event which was largely attended by women leaders, young women and several male heads created an avenue to advocate for effective strategies to change the recurrence of next-to-zero female political participation in the community. It also created a platform for the young women in the community to discuss challenges affecting their active participation in local politics.

In the light of the above, the young women took advantage of the campaign to enlighten women and men leaders present prompting the women to begin to engage with the political system as active citizens in their different constituencies while working with the men as partners and gender champions.

The campaign also highlighted issues militating against the community’s development some of which includes inadequate polling units, inadequate pipe borne water, poor constituency-legislature engagement amongst others. All of these will be presented for redress during a visit to the legislator representing the community.